From a very young age, I have engaged with art in some way. My parents were both involved in the world of commercial art and graphic design, and they encouraged me in my early artistic efforts.

Growing up, there was never a shortage in my house of books and magazines about artists, and I was lucky to have access to a great variety of professional pens, pencils & papers, paints and other art related stuff. My mother also made sure that I was a regular visitor to the many splendid museums that could be found in the city.

Being surrounded by so much art, it was no surprise then when I became an artist myself. I create artwork under the name Durlzy, which has been my nickname since 1993. I like it cause it's short and punchy, (just like me) and it looks good on posters, t-shirts and badges.

There's no set media that I work with, really - I love them all. I experiment daily with different materials and techniques. I'm a great fan of anything handmade, but I'm also skilled in the use of vector drawing programs, and Photoshop. I view the computer as just another tool in my arsenal. I will often use it to enhance a piece that started life as a hand drawn, painted or printed image.

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